Stay Hopeful…..

For those thinking about the upcoming election, the state of our nation, the state of our world, and maybe feeling a bit hopeless about it all….I offer this thought to you:   Hopelessness is a form of arrogance. It thinks it knows everything. It says: “Why even bother getting out of bed? Why even try? Today will be exactly like yesterday or worse….I’ve seen it all before.” Faith and hope is a form of humility. It admits it doesn’t know or control everything. It says: “Let me go ahead and get out of bed. Let me go on and shine my light. Let me keep on trying because I don’t know what God will do through me. I don’t know what He might do through others. I don’t know what difference I might make…even if only in myself. I can’t see my future, but I can trust Him with it.”

 ❤ ~KT

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When it rains….

Sometimes it’s truly a blessing when it rains on your parade. I was running outside today and it started to rain….2 miles from home, no rain coat, no umbrella, no shelter. Disaster? Nope. The rain cooled me off, distracted me from my exhaustion, forced me to concentrate on each step so I wouldn’t slip on leaves or step in puddles….ended up running farther and faster than I have in YEARS. Sometimes we need it to rain on our parade. God knows what we need. Sometimes rain, pressure, stress…..whatever we need to build something strong, lasting and beautiful on the inside of us.


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Early Mother’s Day


How do you become a great mother?
You start by being the woman God called you to be right now.
You start cultivating fruit of love, patience, gentleness, self-control.
You become educated — not just with degrees, but also through travel and reading and meeting new people and learning new things.
You cultivate a career — not just with the work you do for pay, but the true work you are meant to do in this world, your passions, your purpose for being here.
You love the children already in your life, your nieces and nephews and your friends’ kids, the kids in your neighborhood and community.
And, you love and support their parents.
You choose to be all that God made you to be.
You take good care of the body, mind, and spirit He gave you.
You persevere in this life-long pursuit.
And, then you have something amazing to offer a child: an example of how to live.
A living example.
An example set long before a child is ever born.
This is how you become a great mother.
I am blessed to know many great mothers….and some of them have never given birth.

Today’s Thought:  IMPACT

Broke a dish in the kitchen one day.

Cleaned it up.

Then, days later I found a small fragment several feet away in another room.

Made me think about the powerful impact of dropping that plate.

Made me think about the powerful impact of our words, our actions, our lives.

The hurtful things we say and do reach farther than we think.

We damage people in ways that we can’t imagine.

The loving things we say and do reach farther than we think.

We bless people in ways that we can’t imagine.

Our words, our actions, our thoughts, our lives are so powerful.

They reach farther than we can see.


by Kimberly Taylor

So tired
Up late working
Up early working
Because I have a goal
Because I want to achieve it
Because I’m free
I look at my brown skin
I run my hand through my beautiful, thick nappy hair
And I think of how tired my foremothers and forefathers must have been
So tired
Up early
Up late
From can’t see to can’t see
Because they were not free
I am thankful for their strength and courage
I am proud to be evidence of their survival
I know that God is faithful
His will can be obstructed but never stopped
It marches forward in truth
In justice
In freedom
Freedom that is priceless because it is never, ever, free.


by Kimberly Taylor

Some things cannot be done in a text or e-mail or over the phone or even in person. Some things can only be done in the Spirit. I’m so thankful for soul-deep connections and love. The kind you can feel even when you can’t hug the neck, see the smile, or hear the voice of your loved ones. The kind of love that only God Himself can foster between people. The kind that can’t be communicated in a text or an e-mail or over the phone or even in person. The kind that can only be done in the Spirit.

Today’s Thought: Sunrise

by Kimberly Taylor

Up early before the sunrise
The beautiful sunrise
Full of light and color
But is it really beautiful?
Is it beautiful when you lose the one to whom you said “I do”?
Is it beautiful when you bury the ones who gave you life and raised you?
Is it beautiful when the child you loved and hoped for is now gone?
Is it beautiful when you no longer feel the strength to go on?
Is it a beautiful sunrise?
Or does it just hurt your eyes?
Is it a cruel reminder that the world just goes on?
Or is it a sign of hope telling us to stay strong?
A reminder that a new day is here
That we can trust in the perfect love that casts out all fear
A reminder that in this world there is still so much light.
We can experience laughter and joy again even after the darkest night.
A reminder that we too can rise again and again
That He who began a good work in us will complete it until the end
Up early before the sunrise
The beautiful sunrise
Full of light and color
But is it really beautiful?
Yes, it is.


Today’s Thought: Spring Chickens

Today’s Thought:  Spring Chickens

A sweet lady I know raises chickens and every few weeks or so I get fresh eggs from her.  I asked her one day for eggs and she didn’t have any to give because her chickens had slowed down production for the winter months…they actually take a winter break!  Here I am running around busy as ever trying to be mother hen to everybody and everything and the ACTUAL hens have sense enough to take a winter break! 🙂 God is teaching all the time…everywhere we look there’s a lesson…especially in nature.  I will have eggs again soon and we are about to spring forward into spring, but I won’t forget the lesson about taking a winter break, going with the natural ebb and flow, and having an attitude of resting in Him.



Sometimes I have so much to do and I’m anxious to hop to it!  I’m so worried that I won’t get it all done that I’m tempted to just jump into the day without consulting the One who made this day. The One who knows the beginning and the end of this day. To give into this temptation would be foolish and dangerous. It’s like jumping on a motorcycle with no time to put on a helmet. It’s like jumping in the car and driving with no time to figure out the destination. It’s like showing up to a marathon race without training, with no water, and no running shoes.

We don’t save time by being unprepared and unequipped for the tasks we are rushing to perform. It is essential that we start at the beginning. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God (John 1:1). So, let’s always start there – let’s always start at the beginning! Let’s trust that the God who made this day and who made us will equip us to accomplish everything of importance.


Today’s Thought:  Near-Sighted

…The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart…” ~1 Samuel 16:7

I am near-sighted.  I can usually see things up close, but not far away.  Yesterday, I was reminded that often I’m unable to see clearly even up close.  I had a chance to greet two women yesterday, hug them, and look them both in the eye.  Both have suffered profound loss recently.  One woman I’ve known for years and the other I just met for the first time yesterday.  I was struck by the look in their eyes.  So calm, so clear, so focused.  Then, I was struck by the look on their faces. They just exuded grace and peace and beauty. The kind of beauty that you can’t get from make-up or good bone structure. The kind that radiates from the inside out. You could not tell from looking at them the great suffering they have gone through.  And, I was reminded once again that you can’t see who someone is by looking at them.  Looking at their face, their skin, their clothes, their body type, their title. You just can’t.  We make quick judgments at times based  on what we see.  We are often so wrong. People are so much more than what we can see on the surface.